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The KOHO Vision

A place of discovery, tranquility, and excitement that keep guests coming back for more

Discovery | Sustainability | Community

We believe that these are the necessary ingredients to create a better world. In this spirit, The KOHO aims to provide unique and exciting new experiences that keep our guests coming back for more.  

More than just being part of the solution, The KOHO also strives to inspire change in others by encouraging more wholesome and fulfilling lifestyles, through programs that are conscious of our natural environment and enriching for local communities.

Ethical Choices | Sustainable Business

The wonderful experiences offered at the KOHO are only possible because of the beautiful natural environment and the tireless work of local communities on the Gili Islands. As a business, the KOHO group focuses on upholding its ethical responsibility to the land, by adopting values of social and environmental sustainability. Through our policies, procedures, and guest involvement programs, the KOHO offers truly sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and the local community. 


Learn about our eco-friendly solutions and engagement programs


Learn about our charitable causes and community engagement

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