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Invest in The KOHO | TRAWANGAN

Now in the final phase of development, The KOHO | Trawangan will soon be the #1 Boutique Hotel on the island offering authentic community concept, stylish design, unique social areas and eco-friendly solutions.

Our first project, The KOHO | Air, opened in July 2019 to overwhelmingly positive reception. After only a few weeks online, The KOHO | Air became the bestselling property on Gili Air.   ---   [view bookings]   [ratings]


In light of this success, we are excited to extend an invitation for investment in The KOHO | Trawangan project. We are looking for like-minded people, who share our love for creating unique and exciting holiday experiences, to join us on this passion project. Don't miss out on the opportunity to get involved in creating something beautiful, and help us achieve our vision for a better world. 

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Fastest Growing Market

Development of the Lombok region in recent years has sped up with the new international airport, helping to increase arrivals and both private and government-backed resort projects, some of which are already open for business. This provides a unique window of opportunity for investors to buy into a market that is on a steep upward curve, yet remains exclusive and available with an unbelievable value.


low entry-Prices

According to Tourism Solutions International, tourism on Lombok is set to double, “The island is also fast gaining interest from foreign real estate investors and individuals seeking an alternative to the increasingly saturated Bali market for property purchases. Lombok’s and Gilis land prices are still very competitive with potential for extremely good returns”.


eco-tourism destination

The unprecedented level of growth is mostly attributable to the island’s increasing popularity as an alternative holiday destination to Bali. As Bali faces challenges of oversupply and soaring land costs, investors are turning to Lombok and Gili islands as an attractive alternative site for land and property investments.

Investment Summary

Being part of an established and successful team holds a competitive advantage in all relevant aspects that influence the project’s success. Our team comprises experts in many different fields, allowing us to understand all the aspects of the business and its specific markets.

The lifestyle investment projects an ROI of approximately 35% over a period of 22 years. The total investment for this large project is only USD 1,4 mio for 36 rooms with a large pool and community area. The property will include a SPA and fitness facility with a concept around luxury lifestyle, accommodation, sustainability and integration into the local community

Community spirit combined with stylish and superior product, focusing on occupancy rates, review scores and per head consumption. A special place, a second home that could offer all the freedoms of paradise and the luxury of a tropical resort, balancing luxury and quality with sustainability and lifestyle.

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