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The KOHO | Eco Hotels | Gili Islands
The KOHO offers truly sustainable solutions that benefit both the environment and the local communities. We exercise our commitment to sustainability through the policies, procedures, and programs at our hotels. Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future, and a more beautiful world.


The KOHO is committed to reducing plastic waste and  using products that are locally sourced & environmentally friendly.

Minimising Plastic Use


25 million tonnes of single-use plastics are poured into our oceans each year, damaging its natural beauty and killing marine life.


Koho aims to minimize this by replacing plastic items used in our hotels with more eco-friendly alternatives, provided only upon request so as to reduce waste.


Solutions  include:

» Using glass bottles instead of plastic bottles

» Bamboo toothbrushes

» Reusable straws and cups

» Reusable trash bags

Using Green Products

By buying organic and eco-friendly, we ensure that the products used in our hotels are safe for the environment, from production until disposal.  Where possible, we ensure that our products are locally sourced so as to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local economy.

The KOHO uses:

95% Organic toiletries

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Locally sourced food and crafts

REsource and Waste Management

Effective use of resources and managing waste by reducing, reusing, and recycling helps us to our part for the local environment.

Energy and Water Conservation


Koho’s energy and water saving technologies reduce cost and consumption. Our hotels use energy saving appliances and locally sourced water made fresh through a filtration system. 


Guests are encouraged to join us in our efforts through friendly reminders that facilitate the change towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Efforts  include:

» Filtration system for locally sourced water

» Economy mode air-conditioning units

» Replacing televisions with art

» A towel and linen reuse program

Waste Management

Proper waste management minimises the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.
Koho facilitates the involvement of both our staff and guests in our efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle for more effective waste management. 

Programs include:

Consumables provided only upon request

Waste separation, recycling and composting

Recycling program for hazardous waste through licensed service providers

Community Engagement

Engaging the communities at KOHO and the local islands fosters more sustainable partnerships in pursuit of our environmental goals. 

Raising Awareness


Koho will run engagement programs and activities to ensure that suppliers, staff, and clients alike are aware of issues facing the environment and the local community. 

These programs will equip them with the tools and knowledge to live more sustainably.

Initiatives include:

» Rasing environmental awareness locally

» Guest participation programs

» Education on sustainable lifestyles

» Sustainable management practices

Supporting Local Communities

Koho believes in supporting local communities, and being a caretaker of the local environment.
By supporting local businesses and giving back through voluntary conservation efforts, we hope to foster stronger bonds with the local community.

Actions include:

Sourcing food and products locally

Organising beach cleanups

Guest participation in community events

Environmental outreach programs

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