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We offer door-to-door transfer services with one of the best rates from Bali/Lombok (hotel or airport) to Gili Air. You can directly contact our front desk for arrangements: +62 812 3676 2669 (available via WhatsApp)

What is the best way to get to The KOHO Air from Bali?

To get to Gili Air Island you will need to take speed boat. There are 2 harbours in Bali handing fast boats to Gili: Serangan Harbour and Padang Bai Harbour.


From Serangan Harbour we would recommend Gili Getaway Fast Boat company. Approximate duration of a boat trip is 4 hours. 

Boats operate multiple times every day either from Padangbai, Amed. Approximate duration of a trip 1,5-2,5 hours (depends on the size of a boat, weather and current). 

What is the best way to get to The KOHO Air from Lombok?

To get to Gili Air Island you will need to take public or speed boat. There is 1 main harbour in Lombok: Bangsal Lombok (2-3 hours with the car from Lombok International Airport).


Boats operate multiple times every day. The last boat departure time is 5PM. Contact the hotel if you would like to organise a time.

How to get to the hotel from Gili Air harbour?

The KOHO Air Hotel is located 5 minutes walking distance from the harbour. In case you have heavy luggage to carry, we recommend to hire a Cidomo (horse-drawn cart). 

Do you offer bike rental to drive around the island?

Although Gili Air is a small island where you can enjoy long walk or even morning jogging around the Island (only an hour walk), we offer bike rental.

What kind of activities Gili Air Island can offer?

There are several dive centres on Gili Air. The coral reef off the east coast provides great snorkelling opportunities – just like the other Gilis, you're bound to see a clown fish or two, and there’s a good chance you’ll spot turtles. On the western side, you’ll find unspoilt white sandy beaches and little else.

What about sunset/evening time?

The northern and southern sides of the island are lined with plenty of beach bars and restaurants. You can see one of the most beautiful sunsets sitting right on the beach. In terms of nightlife, there's more of a laidback, chill-out-style bar culture, and though there are places you can go to dance, clubbing is not a priority for Gili Air-goers. Full moon parties do take place here each month.

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