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Payments, ATM and currency exchange

The KOHO Air Hotel accepts cash and card payments. In cash, we accept Indonesian rupiah (IDR) as well as all major currencies. We also accept payments with Visa and Master Card only and are free of Service fee.

There are lots of places on Gili Air accepting payments only by cash.

There are several ATM and currency exchange offices. 

ATM (Mandiri Bank) is located on the main street just one minute walk from the harbour (on the way to our hotel), but it sometimes runs out of cash due its close location to the harbour. Another ATM is located only 6 to 7 minutes from the Hotel and all types of credit cards are accepted and is less busy.

We use the exchange rate based on the official daily-published rate, which we take from, The World's Trusted Currency Authority.

What should I bring from home?

- Long sleeve rash guard and shorts to protect your skin against sunburn when you’re in the ocean

- Your own pair of water shoes to protect your feet on some of our coral beaches

- Any specific medication that is not found over the counter here in Bali 

- An electric adaptor (see question "What Sockets and Plugs to use in Indonesia?")

Where can I get professional medical help?

In the event of an emergency, medical or otherwise, please contact the Front Desk for immediate attention.

A complimentary stock of medicines for minor complaints such as headaches, scratches and stomach upsets are kept at our Reception. If you feel you need to see a doctor please contact our reception or security staff and arrangements will be made.

Can I purchase medicine in Gili Air?

There is a Clinic where you can buy medicine.

Sockets & Plugs in Indonesia

In Bali and Indonesia you can expect the 2-pin socket and plug as used in larger parts of Europe. The pins are round, not flat or rectangular. 


You will need an Adapter if you come from Australia, Japan, USA, Malaysia, UK, Canada, Singapore, and some countries in Africa, you will most likely simply need a plug adapter otherwise the plugs for your electrical appliances will not fit into the "Bali Socket", although the voltage should be o.k.

We do have a few that we can lend for free, but we recommend that you bring your own anyway.

The standard used in Indonesia is a two-pin plug (round)
- Voltage 230 V
- Frequency 50 Hz
- Power sockets type C/F

There is a small lizard on the ceiling of my bedroom, what should I do?

"Gecko" is the common name for any of about 65 species of small lizards. They are unique among lizards in their ability to make chirping or clicking sounds. The name "gecko" is a derivative of a Malay word that is an imitation of a lizard's call.

These little house geckos are great little exterminators. They are worth having around. Here are a few facts for you 

- Geckos are a very common occurrence under the tropics; as much as spiders are in our Western houses

- Geckos are predators of pest insects and spiders as well, which is why they are so useful

- The vast majority of the time, they stay on the ceiling or on the highest part of the walls, close to the ceiling

- They won't die in your room, nor will it hang around long if it isn't finding bugs and mosquitoes to eat 

- If by chance you should find it on your bed, it isn't going to stay, nor do they like to snuggle with humans and they certainly don't approach humans on purpose 

- They are extremely unlikely to want to share your bed with you and will never bother you while sleeping

– These critters are a never ever a nuisance to humans unless you think of them as such 

- We ask you not to try to harm them, as they are totally harmless to you

- Try to accept them as part of the typical, tropical "landscape"

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